Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Due to an unfortunate oversight, an earlier version of the text for Hearken O Ye People was published, not its
final form. As a result, a number of typos and other small errors remain in the text. The
most egregious of these are corrected in this errata sheet. For a complete list of corrections
see below .

p. 6, 6 lines from bottom. Delete “late 1750s and”
p. 29, line 6. Delete “things”
p. 73, line 22. Delete first “the”
p. 82, lines 31–33, should read: “Ezra Booth probably was describing Gilbert when he
wrote of ‘a merchant, who had formerly been a member of the Methodist society’
who confirmed that those speaking in tongues were speaking in an Indian ‘dialect.’”
p. 83, lines 33 and 36. Change “Brother Tanner” to “Brother Tanuer.”
p. 96, line 8. Delete “and”
p. 101, line 5. Change “thirtieth” to “twenty-fifth”
p. 133, line 19. Delete “had”
p. 135, line 20. After “sins above everything else.” insert this paragraph,
“Joseph Smith reached the point where he elected to do just as the camp meeting sermons
encouraged. He would seek in expectation of finding. Joseph’s own quest for
understanding reflected that of others in the district. He also sought forgiveness for sin
and knowledge of correct doctrine. The spring of 1820 was unusually cold. Benajah
Williams, who preached on the circuit west of Joseph’s home near Rochester, noted
the initial melt of winter snows on March 16, but snow continued to fall for weeks.96
On Tuesday April 4, 1820, Williams noted: “This morning the sun rose verry clear &
the wether was some warmer than it had been for several Days. it had ben severe Cold
wether for several Days for the time of year.”97 On May 17 “it snowed verry fast powerfully
for several hours,” and as late as May 25 “the wether was cold & it snowd the
greater part of the Day.”98
p. 151, line 1. Change “Campbell sharply differed” to “Campbell and Scott sharply differed”
p. 151, line 25. Change “neither were the early apostles.” to “neither was the office of apostle.”
p. 182, line 1. Change “but it already become” to “but it had already become”
p. 199, line 1. Change “Newel Knight Whitney” to “Newel Kimball Whitney”
p. 210, line 1. Change “current” to “currant”
p. 212, photo caption. Change “The N. K. ‘White’ Store” to “The N. K. Whitney ‘White’
p. 212, photo caption line 3. Change “Left” to “Right” and “built” to “remodeled”
p. 213, photo caption line 4. Change “They later” to “Later owners”
p. 221, lines 6–8 from “Although a number of individuals later distinctly remembered reading
or hearing about this article, it has not yet turned up in surviving newspapers” to
“A number of individuals later distinctly remembered reading or hearing about this
article, which apparently was published September 22, 1829”
p. 224, footnote 29 last line, add sentence “The best candidate for this article is “Gold
Bibles,” Painesville Telegraph 1, no. 15 (September 22, 1829): 3.
p. 232, 12 lines from bottom. Change “its use for temple” to “its use to support a sawmill
for temple”
p. 236, item 4 in list. Change “the other half had” to “the entire lot had”
p. 243, photo caption. Change “Lyman Johnson (1811–56)” to “Lyman Johnson
p. 243, photo caption lines 6–8. Change “in 1856 from a drowning accident near Kirtland, n.d.
Photograph courtesy” to “in 1859 from a drowning accident, Photograph, n.d. courtesy”
p. 263, lines 11–12. Change “and John’s father” to “John’s father” and “Else’s gave” to
“Else gave”
p. 264, lines 15–16. Change “Vermont, this animal muscle essential in dragging” to
“Vermont; this animal muscle was essential in dragging”
p. 264, line 27. Change “leeched” to “leached”
p. 271, photo caption line 1. Change “beleivers” to “believers”
p. 272, line 10. Change “Mehetable” to “Mehitable” here on 2 lines from bottom and elsewhere
p. 282, 5 lines from bottom. Change “if by no means deserved” to “it by no means deserved”
p. 298, 7 lines from bottom. Change “December 6, 1831” to “December 8, 1831”
p. 299, 2 lines from bottom. Change “noted during the conference that ‘Ezra Booth” to
“noted that, during the conference, ‘Ezra Booth”
p. 305, footnote 1 line 4. Change “Disciple of Christ” to “Disciples of Christ”
p. 327, line 13. Change “describe them was new” to “describe it was new”
p. 335, lines 20–21. Change “Sidney Rigdon had the responsibility for articulating and writing
down the pair’s” to “Sidney Rigdon shared the responsibility for articulating the pair’s”
p. 336, line 11. Change “Oliver” to “Olive”
p. 345, lines 6–7. Change “as a member of the First Presidency” to “as a counselor to the
p. 353, line 1. Change “breaking his collarbone” to “injuring his collarbone”
p. 353, line 17. Change “lights of Johnson home” to “lights of the Johnson home”
p. 372, footnote 4. Change “[what page is photo on?]” to “70.”

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Availability

A number of people have asked where they can get copies of Hearken O Ye People. The easiest place to find it is online at Amazon or at Deseret Book. Amazon has elected at the moment to only get enough copies to cover their orders. Thus, even though the website continues to say they are sold out, if you order through them and are patient, you will get a copy. If you would like to read it right away, you can order from one of the other stores offering copies. You can also get copies at brick and mortar stores such as Benchmark Books, Confetti Books, and Deseret Book. If you ask for a copy at your favorite bookstore, they should be able to supply you as well.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Publication Date and Availability

After numerous long delays, I have learned printed and bound copies of the book Hearken will officially arrive at the publishers March 15-16. I guess in honor of my Irish forebears that makes for an "on the shelf" date of March 17. I understand the publisher is working on distribution locations but know it is available at the moment for advance purchase at Amazon. I'll post other locations as soon as I learn of them.